Maurizio Donadi: Founder, Atelier & Repairs


This year, Alpha Industries celebrates its 60th Anniversary. As part of our celebration, we’re looking to those who wear Alpha Industries with pride, ensuring we’re not just part of their wardrobe, but part of their identity. These people are our Everyday Heroes and we’re excited to share their stories. Today we hear from Maurizio Donadi, founder of Atelier & Repairs.

What was your first impression when you heard from Alpha Industries? 

Maurizio Donadi- “As an Italian in the USA, I always thought of Alpha jackets as the fabric of New York City: a warm jacket for its cold weather, casual but not hippie, embraced by everyone from academics to rappers, and iconic without age”. 

What do you look for from a partner when you’re doing a collaboration? 

Maurizio Donadi- “Brand history, nice people and superior products.”

Why do think Alpha was a good partner to collaborate with? 

Maurizio Donado- “There were a number of reasons. Most importantly, the Alpha team really embraced the creative and responsible approach Atelier & Repairs takes toward the business of clothing and our cause. We also never worked on outerwear besides a few experiments but always wanted to create a capsule of Anti-War military jackets. An oxymoron well welcomed!”

Maurizio and his team reimagined a collection of six, one-of-a-kind customized vintage N-3B parkas in honor of Alpha’s 60th Anniversary. The N-3B Parka was the first product that Alpha Industries manufactured for the Department of Defense. Atelier & Repairs, known for its sustainable approach to fashion, took existing vintage N-3B parkas, and added modern updates through colorful fabrics, embroidery, and patchwork. The inspiration behind the transformations came through everything from design details on other garments, to colorful patterns found in abstract art. These six one-of-a-kind pieces are a tribute to Atelier & Repairs creativity and Alpha’s sixty years of continued innovation.