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Captain Marvel


Written by: Aiya Madarang 

Coming to theaters on March 8 is the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) — and the first to center around a female superhero. Captain Marvel tells the story of Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force fighter pilot whose DNA was infused with alien genes, giving her superhuman powers. Set in the ‘90s, the screenplay draws from the Marvel Comics “Kree-Skull War” story arc, written by Roy Thomas in 1971, and is poised to delve into galactic conflicts between alien worlds as Danvers joins the elite Kree military team Starforce.

In the Marvel comic book universe, Captain Marvel refers to several characters, the first being an alien military officer named Captain Mar-Vell (created in 1967 by Stan Lee and Gene Colan) who defects from the Kree Imperial Militia and becomes allies with Earth. Carol Danvers appears as the first Captain Marvel’s colleague on a restricted military base who later gets caught in an explosion of a Kree device, which causes her DNA to meld with Captain Marvel’s and transform her into an alien-human hybrid with super powers.

In 1977, at the height of the second-wave feminist movement, Danvers debuted as the title character of the Ms. Marvel series. The series was written by Gerry Conway and, later, Chris Claremont, who both set about to create a true feminist role model. As Captain Marvel, Danvers has super powers including superhuman strength, the ability to absorb and project energy, and the power of flight.

The film Captain Marvel stars Academy-Award winning actress Brie Larson, whose past movie credits range from the acclaimed drama Room to comedies like 21 Jump Street and the cult classic Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg reprise their MCU roles as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, respectively, and both were digitally de-aged to look 25 years younger. Though set in the past, this is the first Marvel film to follow last year’s Avengers: Infinity Wars, and fans are hoping that this official MCU introduction to Captain Marvel will segue into the character playing a pivotal role in the next Avengers movie.

As the first Marvel movie to feature a female superhero, it’s more than appropriate that its release date coincides with International Women’s Day. The film will also coincide with the release of a new Alpha Industries jacket, which we’ve designed in a special collab with Marvel and Bait. Given Carol Danvers’s background as an Air Force pilot, the jacket makes a fitting fashion statement for fans of Captain Marvel — the perfect way to both look and feel like a superhero.

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