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Beenzino: Rapper, Alpha Korea Partner


In celebration of Alpha’s 60th Anniversary,  we’re looking to those who wear Alpha Industries with pride, ensuring we’re not just part of their wardrobe, but part of their identity. These people are our Everyday Heroes and we’re excited to share their stories. Today we look at Alpha through an international lens as we hear from Beenzino, a Korean rapper and influencer who recently partnered with Alpha Korea on a campaign for Alpha’s 60th Anniversary. 

What role does fashion have in your life and in your career?

Beenzino- “For me, fashion is a fun and unique way for me to express my feelings. I could get bugged out sometimes by how I dressed but on a good day, I get inspired and it helps me to elevate my performance. Fashion has been a big part of my career of 10 years” 

Where do you take inspiration from?

Beenzino- "These days, I get inspired by plants, the weather, and animals. I think it’s because they give a serene and pure feeling. Also, I find interest in the way people think wherever I travel, new culture, and architecture as well.”  

What do you expect from a fashion brand today?

Beenzino- “I expect it to have persistence. In an industry where change is constant, I want to see a brand that stays rooted and not waver with passing trends.” 

Why do you choose Alpha Industries?

Beenzino- “For me, it is the comfortable wear of the products, and the way that they help finish off a look.”  

What do think is the value for a brand to turn 60 years old?

Beenzino- “I admire and have a lot of respect for a brand with that kind of longevity. I hope Alpha Industries will continue to keep its 60 years of identity and maturity.”

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