Alpha Industries x Playboy


The Playboy x Alpha Industries collection is back with some fresh new designs for the upcoming winter season.

Previously, Alpha Industries introduced the Vandy MA-1 flight jacket from our first collab with Playboy. A limited edition version of the Slim Fit MA-1, this jacket pays tribute to the VX-4, VX-5, and VX-9, the US Navy’s Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons, with the incorporation of special patches inscribed with the label Vandy-1 and the signature Playboy bunny insignia.

This insignia has been in use by squadron aircraft since 1971, when Playboy sent the US Navy official stencils of the logo to replace a similar bunny image painted on the tails of their F-4 Phantom II jets and other aircraft. To this day, the Playboy bunny remains an iconic piece of imagery for the Navy’s test and evaluation squadron planes. It is also used on the L-39 flight jets, known as Vandy-1, that are currently flown by the Warrior Flight Team, a non-profit charity that helps wounded veterans find career opportunities and performs flyovers at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

Alpha had also redesigned the L-2B Scout jacket, a lightweight version of the L-2B flight jacket originally produced by Alpha for military use. The L-2B Scout had been transformed into a Vandy bomber in honor of the Navy squadrons as well as the Warrior Flight Team.

All proceeds from sales of the Vandy MA-1 and the Vandy L-2B had benefited the Warrior Flight Team and its work for veterans.