Alpha Size and Fit Guide
Special Size & Fit Notes on our Authentic Apparel:

Alpha Flight Jackets
follow authentic product specs and generally feature a TIGHTER fit
Alpha Field Coats follow authentic specs and generally feature a LOOSER fit

Tight fit icon
Tight Fit
Recommend ordring 1 size LARGER than normal

USN Pea Coat

NASA MA-1 Flight Jacket
NASA Flight Suit
NASA Atlantis MA-1 Flight Jacket
NOMEX Flight Jackets

MA-1 Flight Jacket
CWU 45/P Flight Jacket
B-7 Leather Bomber
B-3 Leather Sherpa
L-2A Flight Jacket
L-2B Flight Jacket
Striker Shirt

Loose Fit
Recommend ordring 1 size SMALLER than normal

Field Coats
M-65 Field Coat
M-65 Field Coat liner (ALS/92)

Girls Pea Coat

More Fit Help
Still have some questions? Are you borderline between sizes and need some assistance?

Contact our friendly Customer Service team for help: or call us Toll Free 1.866.631.0719

Or read our Sizing FAQ area below to see many of the frequently asked questions our staff receives.

Product Fit FAQ

Q: Why do you make Flight Jackets in a tight fit? Why not just make your coats bigger?
A: For over 50 years, we've proudly built our legacy on manufacturing rugged outerwear for the U.S. Military. The Dept. of Defense has very strict requirements regarding pilot jackets and has traditionally mandated a tighter fitting garment for use inside the cozy confines of the cockpit. We continue to construct these jackets 'just like the old days' by using similar materials and manufacturing specifications.

These are the 'real deal' Alpha jackets and not the imposters you see in many surplus outlets.

Q: Why do I need to order a size X-Large when I wear a size Large in everything else?
A: Because we remain true to our heritage when producing our authentic flight jackets, this unfortunately can create some confusion amongst our shoppers. The size coat they normally purchase does not match up with our general sizing guidelines. As a general rule, we recommend customers to 'size up' when purchasing one of our flight jackets.

Q: If I like to wear layers under my flight jacket or like a 'baggier' fit, should I order the next size up?
A: Ordering a size larger is definitely recommended in our authentic flight jackets. A majority of our flight jacket exchanges come from customers wanting to 'size up' and order a larger size jacket.

Q: Are your field coats really that big?
A: A vast majority of consumer exchanges on our field coats are for the next size SMALLER. That is why we recommend 'sizing down' on most field coat sizes here, especially if you are borderline between sizes on the chart above.

Q: Is the M-65 Field Coat the real thing? Why is it so big? Is the M-65 really that tough and rugged?
A: The M-65's reputation as the workhouse of the battlefield is well deserved. The M-65 was designed to fit over top of body armor and was used extensively in jungles of Vietnam to protect our troops. Even today, the M-65 remains quite popular with military enthusiasts and outdoorsmen looking for seriously rugged outerwear that can protect against harsh climate conditions and the elements.

Q: Do all of Alpha jacket and coat sizes stray from conventional civilian sizing parameters?
A: No, not all of them. Unless otherwise noted in the TIGHT or LOOSE categories above, most of our casual apparel is sized to meet today's consumer tastes and should fit like your other civilian clothes. This includes our womens and kids lines as well.

Q: I am afraid of being stuck with a coat that does not fit. Does Alpha offer an easy exchange process?
A: Yes, our customer-friendly return & exchange program is designed to work quickly and easily with you to exchange your order, should you ever need to return your purchase. Plus, if you live within the U.S. Continental 48 States, we'll even pay for free return shipping (both on your exchanged item and the replacement shipment back to you). See our Product Returns section for more details.