Spring 2015 Collection

Our Spring
2015 Collection

MA-1 Flight Jacket

The MA-1
Flight Jacket

The Softshell N-3B Parka

The Softshell N-3B delivers protection from wind and rain while not restricting
your movement.

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The A-2 Leather Bomber

Discover the history behind this classic WWII leather jacket.

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Welcome Home Vets

Today we honor those who served in Vietnam for their service and bravery.

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The L-2B Family

The U.S. military first introduced the L-2B Flight Jacket in the early 1950s as a solution for servicemen who were operating in light temperature zones (50 to 86 degrees F). When it was first issued, the L-2B was used primarily by Air Force pilots and ground personnel but went on to adopted by several other branches. Alpha Industries was awarded its first contract to make L-2B flight jackets for the U.S. government in 1960. In the 1970s we started to make the bomber for the commercial market. Now with our Spring 2015 Collection we are introducing modern variations of the iconic lightweight flight jacket.