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A Letter From Our CEO

To our Alpha Community,

Events of recent weeks have highlighted the division that exists in our country, and the inequality faced by the Black and minority communities. While I personally can never fully understand the challenges and injustices faced by the Black community, I stand with them in their anger, their grief, and their fight for equality and justice. I am committed to ensuring that as a brand, Alpha Industries takes defined, actionable, and lasting steps to combat systemic racism both in our industry and in our world.

Our company’s core values of empathy for others and integrity in how we conduct ourselves drive all of us at Alpha Industries to be agents of change in the fight against systemic racism, white supremacy and the oppression of the Black community. This statement comes later than we would have liked, but we felt it important to identify true actions to put behind our words. Over the past weeks, we have worked to identify the initiatives and actions that we will put in place to aid in the fight against racism. Our goal is to be a part of sustainable and lasting change.

We are making a commitment to continue working both internally and externally to live up to our purpose of protecting and inspiring heroism in all forms. We are proud of the diverse workforce driving our brand, and will continue to hire with diversity and inclusion in mind at all levels of our company.

We will build an initiative to provide mentorships and workshops to underserved, marginalized communities and schools with opportunities to learn more about and pursue careers at our brand or in our industry. We will continue to work with Black content creators and ensure diversity in our campaigns. We will look to collaborate with Black and minority owned brands and artists and donate proceeds towards charities of their choice.

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
Equal Justice Initiative
Black Veterans for Social Justice

We are also expanding our support for groups working to strengthen the Black Community, and will be aligning with the following organizations in ongoing support of their missions: NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Equal Justice Initiative Black Veterans for Social Justice As a brand, Alpha Industries stands behind those seeking justice and equality. We condemn all forms of racism, and are fully committed to the fight for a better future.

Mike Cirker, CEO
Alpha Industries

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