Has Heart Wisdom T-Shirt
  • Has Heart Wisdom T-Shirt
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Suitable for spring and fall seasons above 40F

    Has Heart Wisdom T-Shirt


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    The 'Wisdom in Balance' T-Shirt is a design by artist Drew Vanderveen in collaboration with veteran Larry Noragon. The artwork features Noragon's unfavorable draft story in mind. The towering depiction of a bird of prey over-shadows the smaller images of doves, representing the potential for peace to escape from within war. Ultimately deciding not to join the Air Force, Larry Noragon was then drafted into the Marine Corps where he served as a rifleman in the Vietnam War. That fateful push toward his enrollment shaped Noragon’s image as a Veteran later on in life, as throughout the design process, he tended to be more reserved with information regarding his wartime experience. Throughout his service, all that mattered to him was working towards getting his buddies home safely, which is something he still carries with him to this day. VanderVeen sought to also represent Noragon’s and countless other veterans’ struggles in communicating about their service through the representation of redacted information, potentially prohibiting their ability for complete inner peace.Together, these interpretations of Noragon’s story demonstrate a war perspective that is often overlooked: fleeting moments of peace overshadowed by constant struggles for total freedom. Read more about this story here.

    • Fabric- 100% pre-shrunk Cotton

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