Has Heart Total Sacrifice T-Shirt
  • Has Heart Total Sacrifice T-Shirt
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Suitable for spring and fall seasons above 40F

    Has Heart Total Sacrifice T-Shirt


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    The 'Total Sacrifice' T-Shirt is a deign by artist Tyler Way and U.S. Navy veteran Michael Hyacinthe. The artowork features red graphic of the fallen soldier memorial and an American flag. The special alphanumeric communication code translates to 'TOTAL SACRIFICE' above and below the flag. During their conversation, they realized the severe disconnect between Hyacinthe’s world as a Veteran and Way’s world as a creative. Not long after their initial meeting, Hyacinthe met a local U.S. Marine who was paralyzed from the neck-down and lost his ability to speak due to injuries suffered in Iraq. Once he learned of the Marine’s love of t-shirts from his full-time nurse, Hyacinthe called Way and asked if he’d be interested in helping create a t-shirt design with the Marine. Although his life was forever changed from his service, he didn’t consider himself a hero. Instead, his message was to shine a light on whom he considered the real American heroes — those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Read more about it here.

    • Fabric- 100% pre-shrunk Cotton

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