Has Heart Be Bold T-Shirt
  • Has Heart Be Bold T-Shirt
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Suitable for spring and fall seasons above 40F

    Has Heart Be Bold T-Shirt


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    The 'Be Bold' T-Shirt is a design by artist Rich Tu in collaboration with Army veteran Judith Burger. The artwork features her officer cap to represent her dedication to service and Veterans while also alluding to her healing process through working with the VFW. With her affinity for WWII insignia and retro style, the design features an Army star in between the date she enlisted (left) and her VFW membership number (right). Lastly, the design is detailed in bright red, serving as another reminder to be bold. After years of feeling subdued, Judith does not have the time or energy to remain silent. Fiercely against apathy, she encourages others to speak their truth by being bold. Through her Veteran advocacy and work with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Judith began healing from her injuries by putting herself out there and speaking her mind. Her dedication to service derives from heritage and close relationship with her grandfather, a Veteran and two-time POW during WWII. Through her involvement with the Central Oregon chapter of the Patriotic Pinups, she continues her work in Veteran affairs as well as claims her femininity in a military world that is often perceived as masculine. Read Judith Burger's story here.

    • Fabric- 100% pre-shrunk Cotton

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