• Alpha x Palladium Baggy Zip Ma-1 Boots
Alpha x Palladium Baggy Zip Ma-1 Boots

    Alpha x Palladium Baggy Zip Ma-1 Boots

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    The Baggy Zip MA-1 boots features the same authentic nylon we use on our iconic MA-1 flight jackets. The boot also has a functional zipper on the lateral side for easy put on and removal along with the co-branded ribbon tags. Both of these features are reminiscent of the MA-1’s zip closure and decorative accents. The top of the boot folds over and snaps in place to reveal the Emergency Orange lining, just like the flight jacket. The boots also maintain signature Palladium style elements, including: a rubber toecap and one piece molded rubber outsole that lend to durability and a rugged aesthetic. Available in our four signature colors, the boots are a great compliment to the City Explorer MA-1 flight jacket.

    Product History

    Collaborating with French company Palladium made perfect sense for Alpha since, like us, their heritage is rooted in the military. Founded in 1920, Palladium was originally a company that manufactured tires for the aviation industry in Europe including planes that fought in World War II. They later transformed into a footwear company bringing their expertise in hard-wearing materials to the creation of boots, the first being the Pampa boot. The Pampa was so durable that it became the footwear of the French Foreign Legion. The Palladium x Alpha collection includes limited-edition versions of both Palladium’s Pampa Hi Zip and Pampa Baggy Zip boots, as well as, Alpha’s iconic MA-1 flight jacket.

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