Altitude Parka


The first N-3B jackets were produced in the 1950s for air crews who were assigned to transport troops in extremely cold climates. The parkas were originally made of a Dupont flight silk nylon outer shell and the lining padded with a wool blanket type material. The padding was changed to polyester wadding in the 1970s. The long jackets became known as the “Snorkel Parka” because the fur-trimmed hood could be zipped right up leaving only a small tunnel for the wearer to look out of. The modern N-3Bs have slant packets at the chest and flap pockets lower on the coat, and a panel that fastens with loops across the zipper to keep out wind. Most modern versions use synthetic fur around the hood. The N-3B was the first jacket Alpha Industries made for the U.S. government in XXX and we went on to produce it for the consumer market in XXX. Today we make several variations of the traditional N-3B.

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