B-7 Vintage Sheepskin Parka


The B-7 was authorized for official use on July 12, 1941, by the U.S. Army Air Corp. Unlike other sheepskin Air Corps jackets, the B-7 was a parka style, mid-thigh length with an attached hood. The B-7 was designed for use by ground crew personnel assigned to Northern European bases and by the bomber crews that had to endure exceeding cold temperatures experienced in aircraft flying at altitudes above 20,000 feet in the wintertime. Actual production of the B-7 was limited to a few contracts and in 1942, approximately one year after its authorization, the Army Air Force decided to discontinue the B-7. The primary reason for the B-7’s demise was its high cost. The large number of skins required to manufacture the parka and the elegant fur trim on the hood made the B-7 significantly more expensive than shorter jackets. 

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Color: Brown

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