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Slim Fit M-65 Field Coat


Our best selling field coat with an updated fit! The Slim Fit M-65 Field Coat has been slimmed down with a more tapered fit and silhouette that is more true-to-size.  The Slim Fit M-65 shares similar design specs to the original Alpha M-65 Field Coat, including identical pocket details, rugged NYCO fabric, brass zipper and concealed hood/draw-cords for the waist, hood and hems.

The Slim Fit M-65 version offers different layering options for today’s contemporary style, while also preserving the traditional design elements for needed protection and functionality.  The M-65 body remains a popular jacket for hunters and outdoorsman.

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Color: Olive Green

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This item features a Standard fit.

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  • Standard fit that is more true to size
  • Heavy brass zippered front closure
  • Concealed hood zips shut
  • Durable NYCO fabric is wind/tear resistant, made from a 50% cotton and 50% nylon blend
  • This item has different specs is NOT compatible with the M-65 liner (ALS/92)

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During the Vietnam war era, the original Alpha Industries M-65 field jacket was issued to U.S. infantry forces and quickly became renowned for its incredibly tough and rugged NYCO shell material. NYCO is a unique cotton and nylon blend that is light, strong, comfortable, but also provides great protection against the elements. The classic M-65 was designed to fit over top of body armor, hence the overall larger fit specs and wide body still found in the Alpha version today.

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Suitable for mild or colder winter climates ranging 25F to 40F