Alpha's Product Line Expands

As the Alpha brand continued to grow in the commercial market, the product line expanded into new segments. The expansion was a natural extension of what had been happening since the 1990s, when the men’s line grew solely from military outerwear to include military-inspired fashion jackets, wool peacoats, and leather jackets. By the mid-2000s, the men’s line had expanded even farther to include a variety of sportswear, pants, and accessories.

In 2002, Alpha began experimenting with outerwear for women. While women had been wearing Alpha’s jackets for many years, this marked the first time Alpha attempted to market jackets specifically fit for women. Starting out with the same classic styles as the men, the women’s line eventually grew to include several types of cold weather outerwear. In 2007, the line expanded even farther to include a variety of military-inspired tops, pants, and dresses. Today, Alpha continues to make a collection of fashionable outerwear for women.

Kid’s jackets were first produced in the mid-1990s. Alpha started out by shrinking the classic men’s styles, like the MA-1 flight jacket, but by 2004, more original jackets had been developed. In 2009, the kid’s line expanded to include both boys and girls outerwear and sportswear. The military-inspired designs quickly gained popularity and Alpha became known for its rugged outerwear and cargo pants. The line was refocused in 2012 back to a collection of its best-selling outerwear styles.

Outfitting the entire family in Alpha, including the family dog, became possible in 2007 when Alpha launched a line for dogs inspired by Alpha’s military past. The line included many of the same categories of items available for men and women, including nylon flight jackets, parkas, wool peacoats, and t-shirts. Many of the dog items also featured details like patches and the Alpha logo. The dog line was discontinued in 2010.

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