The First Wholesale Catalog

With more and more demand by distributors for the quality jackets that Alpha was making for the military, the leaders of Alpha Industries decided it was time to expand the business and its footprint in the commercial market. As a first step, the first wholesale catalog was published in 1984 to showcase the products Alpha had been manufacturing for decades. Alpha’s recently trademarked three bars appeared throughout.

Alpha’s first wholesale catalog was distributed to potential customers around the globe and marked a shift in thinking about the commercial market as an important part of the Alpha business. The small catalog only featured the iconic styles that Alpha had been manufacturing for the military for decades, including the MA-1 and L-2B fight jackets, N-2B parka, and M-65 field coat. The jackets were identical to those made for the military with the exception of additional colors for the MA-1 and L-2B. Inserts were added over the next couple years to showcase the growing line until Alpha’s expanded second catalog was published in 1988.

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