The "Flying A" is Born

Alpha’s commercial business continued to grow in the 1990s. Military-inspired fashion was in demand and Alpha was ideally positioned to fill that need. After 33 years of operation it was time to give the company branding a face lift by developing an easily recognizable and memorable logo symbolizing the Alpha brand.

A brand agency was hired to help design a new official logo. Keeping Alpha’s military heritage and company values in mind, the “Flying A” logo was created. The logo combined the three bars that had come to stand for the Alpha brand with a large, stylized “A” reminiscent of early military designs. It symbolized the quality and authenticity that Alpha’s jackets were known for and made a strong visual impact ideal for both the domestic and international markets.

Alpha proudly continues to use the logo today. It is featured in Alpha’s marketing materials and catalogs as well as on all of its jackets and coats. In 1994, a small logo tab was added to the sleeve pocket of flight jackets and chest pocket of field coats to help consumers quickly identify authentic Alpha products.

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