Alpha Establishes Japanese Partnership

As Alpha’s reputation began to grow internationally in the 1980s and 1990s, there was a need to expand the commercial business overseas. In 1996, Alpha formed a partnership with a key distributor in Japan. A similar agreement was formed in Germany a few years later. The agreements allowed each distributor to develop its own advertising campaigns to better cater to the unique needs of each area.

By 2006, the brand was gaining popularity overseas and it was time to take Alpha’s presence in other countries to the next level. To do this, Alpha expanded the relationship with its German distributor to grant the right for design extensions. They were also given the right to represent Alpha in the western European territory. This allowed for jackets to be designed specifically for the trends and customers in the European markets. This type of agreement proved successful and similar design agreements were put in place in Japan for the Asian market. Currently, Alpha has partnerships in several regions around the world. Valued for its American heritage and superior product quality, Alpha has become a well-known brand around the globe.

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