A Brand Logo Is Introduced

Although Alpha had been in business for nearly 30 years, its position as a government contractor meant that it did not need to develop a strong brand image. Contractors were not allowed to put their corporate logos on military uniforms until the 1990s, so there had been no pressing need for Alpha to develop a logo. However, by 1988, Alpha’s non-government business was increasing globally and Alpha’s leadership recognized that it was time to create a logo that would appear in marketing materials and on the jackets themselves.

Alpha’s initial logo was designed to incorporate the three parallel bars that had appeared on commercial jackets since the late 1960s. The simple design featured the words Alpha Industries with the three bars in the background. Several different color combinations were used, including black text with green bars and yellow text with red bars. A fabric logo tag was added to Alpha’s commercial jackets in addition to the standard military-style label that had been used for decades.

One of the first appearances of the new logo was in Alpha’s second wholesale catalog, published in 1988. Adding to the military styles found in its 1984 catalog, Alpha’s new wholesale catalog featured an expanded line of jackets, trousers, and hoods. These included items that Alpha was making for the military in the 1980s, including the Gore-Tex ECWCS parka and trousers, ECW Impermeable jacket and trousers, and the B-9B Hood. Alpha updated some military styles in new fabrications, including the CWU flight jackets. In response to a high demand for the style, Alpha began producing the CWU-36/P and CWU-45/P flight jackets in nylon (instead of Nomex) to give customers a more affordable option. The CWU jackets were also the first to prominently display Alpha’s new logo on the chest.

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