Happy 55th Anniversary Alpha

For Alpha, October 17, 2014, marks its 55th year of operation. Since 2011, the company has been under the leadership of Michael Cirker, a third-generation member of the Gelber family. As the company grows as a fashion brand, Alpha continues to reference its proud military heritage in everything it does.

From its founding in 1959 to the present day, Alpha has gone from a top-performing government contractor to a globally recognized fashion brand. To celebrate this special milestone, Alpha created a limited edition capsule of 55th anniversary jackets including a B-15 flight jacket, N-3B parka, and G-1 leather bomber. Fusing modern finishes, such as enzyme washed nylon and reflective tape details, with more traditional military touches, including genuine fur trim, the jackets are a fitting representation of Alpha’s past and present. A special 55th anniversary logo was also designed and featured on promotional materials such as patches, stickers, and a collectible Alpha challenge coin.

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