Happy 50th Alpha

October 17, 2009, marked the 50th anniversary of Alpha Industries. Over the course of 50 years, Alpha had transformed itself from its beginnings as a successful government contractor into the globally recognized brand it had become in 2009. To celebrate this milestone year, Alpha created a commemorative jacket, published an Alpha history book, and commissioned a series of MA-1 art jackets from artist Brian Wood.

Alpha teamed up with a Japanese designer to create a unique 50th anniversary flight jacket for men and women. The jacket combined details from the military jackets Alpha had become known for with modern touches like a two-tone washed nylon shell, D-ring and stencil details, and contrast stitching. A special 50th anniversary patch was designed and attached to the chest. Also, a black 50th anniversary ribbon was created and attached to the sleeve pocket. The jackets for men and women were available in sage green and black and proved to be extremely popular around the globe.

To go along with the jacket, Alpha’s second generation CEO, Alan Cirker, wrote a book chronicling Alpha’s first 50 years in business. Published in 2009, The Alpha Story features many photographs of vintage Alpha styles from the corporate archives and the informative text explains Alpha’s past as a government contractor and the journey to its present position in the global fashion market. The book continues to be an essential tool to educate people about Alpha’s rich heritage.

To visually demonstrate the many world events that had occurred in the 50 years since its founding, Alpha commissioned artist Brian Wood to use the MA-1 jacket as a canvas for a series of art jackets. The six jackets, each representing a decade that Alpha been in business, were embellished with images and objects representing the major world events, influential people, and pop culture moments that defined each decade. The jackets were displayed at an anniversary event in 2009 and are now preserved in the corporate archives.

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