Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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2016 Collection

MA-1 Flex Flight Jacket

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With a slim fit and modern finish, our new M-65 Defender makes the perfect outer layer for any look. Shop the M-65 Defender or the M-65 Defender W.

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Get to know the jackets of our Fall/Winter 2016 Collection as they explore the streets of the city.

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Ways to Wear

Stylist Savannah White shares her tips on styling our classic MA-1 Flight Jacket.

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Patch It Up

The Alpha Patch Program is all about showing off your style. Each month 3-6 new patches will be released, sold for a month and then retired. The patches, together with the MA-1 Flex Slim Fit Flight Jacket and the Brewer Helmet Bag, are the perfect tools for self-expression.