CWU 45/P Flight Jackets

The CWU 45/P Flight Jacket

The CWU 45/P Flight Jackets were originally developed to replace the nylon flight jackets used since the 1940’s, such as the MA-1. The CWU 45P became famous after the movie “Top Gun” was released in 1986. It is still issued to USAF and Navy pilots today.

Different variations of this jacket were made, including our CWU 45/P NOMEX, which is made from Aramid (Nomex), a fire resistant material, and engineered to exceed incredibly tight tolerances and military requirements.

CWU 45/P Flight Jacket

  • Black
  • Gun Metal
  • Navy
  • Replica Blue
  • Sage Green

Our CWU 45/P flight jacket is ideal for those seeking durable construction, warmth, and authenticity. The CWU 45/P jacket features a water repellent nylon outer shell, paired with two layered quilted nylon/polyester interlinings. The knit cuffs, waistband, and front zipper closure with storm flap ensure that you'll stay warm and dry for the duration. The CWU 45/P flight jacket is still issued to USAF and Navy pilots today. 

Available in Sage Green, Black, Gun Metal, Replica Blue, Navy.
Sizes XS-5X.

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CWU Pilot Jacket

  • Sage/Black
  • Sage/Brown

Love the look of cinematic pilots, or were you once a pilot yourself? Our CWU Pilot jacket boasts the same silhouette/trims of the original CWU 45/P. Stay cozy with the 100% nylon outer shell and quilted nylon liner on our CWU Pilot jacket. Keep your belongings secure in our signature Alpha utility/pencil pocket and battle the elements with our CWU Pilot jacket’s lined cargo pockets/front zipper closure with storm flap.

Available in Sage/Black, Sage/Brown.
Sizes XS-5X.

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McGuire 45/P Flight Jacket

  • Replica Blue
  • Sage Green

Those who love the CWU 45/P jacket's classic shape will love our faux Nomex McGuire 45/P flight jacket. This nylon coat is faux Nomex, which we specially treat in order to give it the look and feel of genuine NOMEX fabric. Our faux Nomex McGuire also includes a quilted polyester lining, a removable, tonal Velcro patch, and fully lined, doubled-stitched cargo pockets that close with Velcro. Looking cool and staying warm has never been easier. 

Available in Sage Green, Replica Blue.
Sizes S-3X.

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CWU 45/P NOMEX Mil-Spec Flight Jacket

Made in USA, this true Mil-Spec flight jacket currently issued to U.S. Air Force pilots. Made from fire-resistant Nomex material, this jacket is engineered to exceed incredibly tight tolerances and military requirements. 

Available in Sage Green.
Sizes S-2XL.

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Men's CWU 45/P Jackets


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