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Latest Celebs in Alpha: Your Style Inspo for Rocking Alpha Gear
By AlphaNews
1/18/2017 12:00:00 PM  
From supermodels to actors, artists to starlets, Alpha Industries has been the latest fashion go-to for tons of the hottest celebs in Hollywood, and it seems like they just can’t get enough. Whether they dress their jackets up or down, these leading big name fashionistas really show us how sport an Alpha jacket with some serious style. Big names like Kanye West (rapper), the Jenner/Kardahsia Read More »

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Categories: Events, News, Pop Culture
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It's Bowl Time
By AlphaNews
12/28/2016 11:18:00 PM  
Members of the Alpha Industries team headed to Annapolis, MD, for the 8th year of the Military Bowl. This year's big game was between Wake Forest and Temple. And while the play on the field was action-packed, the true heroes of the day were the Medal of Honor recipients.Six Medal of Honor recipients, the military's highest honor, were recognized at a pre-game parade and reception, as well as, duri Read More »

Tags: Military Bowl, college football, Temple, Wake Forest, Navy
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Happy 380th Birthday National Guard
By AlphaNews
12/13/2016 8:00:00 AM  
Today we celebrate the 280th Birthday of the U.S. National Guard. In 1636, the Massachusetts General Court in Salem made a declaration that any able-bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60 were required to join the militia. It simply stated that citizen-soldiers who assembled for military training could be and would be called upon to fight when needed. This was the first continuous militia to be Read More »

Tags: National Guard, Birthday, History
Categories: Events, Military History
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Honoring Veterans Around the World
By AlphaNews
11/11/2016 7:32:00 AM  
Each year on November 11, the U.S. observes Veterans Day. The federal and state holiday is a day to honor all who have served in the armed forces. The government, and many businesses and schools, close so that the holiday can be recognized with memorial ceremonies, salutes at military cemeteries, and parades. But did you know that Veterans Day used to be Armistice Day? President Woodrow Wilson d Read More »

Tags: Veteran's Day, US, Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sun
Categories: Events, Military History, Holidays
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Singled Out
By AlphaNews
11/9/2016 10:17:00 PM  
Created by Chrionexfleckeri1350 Each year on November 11th, China celebrates Singles' Day known as Guanggun Jie  (Guanggùn Jié; Wade–Giles: Kuang-kun chieh; literally: "bare sticks holiday"). It's a day to be proud and celebrate being single. The date was chosen because the ones symbolize an individual who is alone. The holiday has become one of the biggest shop Read More »

Tags: Singles Day, savings, holiday shopping, China
Categories: Events, Holidays
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Happy 57th Alpha Industries
By AlphaNews
10/17/2016 4:27:00 AM  
Today marks the 57th anniversary of the day our founder, Samuel Gelber, incorporated his new company whose mission was to outfit the brave servicemen of the U.S. Armed Forces. Alpha Industries quickly took on subcontracting work making the MA-1 Flight Jacket and by Dec 1959 we had our first official Department of Defense contract. The rest they say is history, but we have come a long way in thes Read More »

Tags: Alpha Industries, 57th birthday, jacket histories, Hypebeast
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A New Class of U.S. Navy Battleships
By AlphaNews
10/15/2016 2:13:00 PM  
Today was a special day for the U.S. Navy. Their newest ship, the USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000), went from being a “pre-commissioning unit” to an active member of the fleet of the Navy. The ship was welcomed into service by more than three thousand people including the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, the mayor of Baltimore, MD, and members of the Zumwalt Family. The USS Read More »

Tags: USS Zumwalt, US Navy, ship commissioning, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Jr., DDG 1000
Categories: Events, News
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UO + Alpha Featuring Denzel Curry
By AlphaNews
10/10/2016 5:08:00 PM  
Today marks the launch of our new collection at Urban Outfitters. From the J-4 Fishtail Parka to the exclusive UO Liner and Choc Chip Camo MA-1 Bomber, you'll want to grab one of these before they sell out. To coincide with the collection launch, we've teamed up with the UO Music Video Series to produce Denzel’s latest music video, “Zenith,” featur Read More »

Tags: Urban Outfitters, Denzel Curry, Joey Bada$$, Alpha Industries collection
Categories: Events, News, Pop Culture
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Flex Time
By AlphaNews
10/10/2016 4:43:00 PM  
We have teamed up with Nordstrom for four special MA-1 Flex events. During each promotional weekend an Alpha display featuring the MA-1 Flex Flight Jacket and a branded patch wall will be showcased in The Rail section of men's department. Customers who purchase one of our jackets get to take home extra goodies including a tactical wallet that can be customized using patches from the display. In ad Read More »

Tags: Nordstrom, MA-1 Flex, Gift with Purchase, Chicago, Seattle
Categories: Events
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Our Bombers Opening Ceremony Style
By AlphaNews
10/6/2016 1:25:00 PM  
Last Fall we debuted four special Slim Fit MA-1 Flight Jackets with an Opening Ceremony twist. The bombers were such a success that we have partnered with them again. Today marks the launch of the new collection. Included are the black, white, vintage olive, and burgundy from last season and the addition of new colorways -- Replica Blue/Light Blue (interior), Beige/New Silver (interior), Cocoa/Rus Read More »

Tags: Alpha Industries, Opening Ceremony, Bombers
Categories: Events, News, Style
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