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"Spirit of '69" MA-1 from Dr. Martens x Alpha Industries
By AlphaNews
9/22/2014 2:20:00 PM
September 2014:  

Alpha Europe and Dr. Martens have teamed up to produce two limited-edition MA-1 flight jackets as part of Dr. Martens' new "Spirit of '69" collection. The special MA-1 flight jackets maintain the iconic silhouette of the American military jacket but replace the traditional Emergency Orange lining with Dr. Martens' signature yellow. Other details include a Dr. Martens branded leather zip pull, and the use of the famous heel loop usually found at the back of a pair of DM’s as an additional zip pull on the side arm pocket. The jackets are available in black and oxblood nylon. It is available online at Dr. Martens and exclusively at the men’s contemporary department at Selfridges, London.

The special MA-1 flight jackets are the perfect fit for this new collection since it was in the late 60s that Alpha Industries mil-spec MA-1s made it over to the UK as part of the black market of American military surplus. They quickly became a popular style of outerwear. Learn more about the era that inspired the collection in this short film.

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