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A Flag Day #AlphaMission
By AlphaNews
6/12/2017 6:07:00 AM
In the U.S, June 14th is known as Flag Day. It commemorates the 1777 resolution by the Second Continental Congress that officially adopted our American flag. The day was first proclaimed to be Flag Day by the president in 1916 and recognized by Congress in 1949. The day is celebrated with several parades across the country.

This Flag Day we take a closer look at Old Glory as part of an important tool used in the military… the blood chit. This lifesaving tool features the U.S. flag as a way to identify a serviceman as part of the U.S. Armed Forces. Retired Air Force Colonel Edward "Otto" Pernotto is an expert in blood chits and has been collecting them for many years. He recently visited our offices to share his knowledge and launch a very special #AlphaMission. Watch Otto share his expertise on the blood chit.

As Otto mentioned, we have joined together with him to launch a special #AlphaMission BloodChit to see if we can locate some American heroes, or their families, to return their active duty blood chits to their rightful owners. Watch to learn more about our quest and how you can help.

Below are the names and some images of the 1951 U.S. Navy Blood Chits seen in the video. If you recognize any of these servicemen and know the squadron they were in and how we can get more information on them, please contact us at alphamissionBC@alphaindustries.com.

51501 F CDR Miller (Commander)
51503 F Brd Sebad
51509 F LT Ferguson (Lieutenant)
51519 F LTJG Stevenson (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
51503 F LCDR Schad (Lieutenant Commander)
51506 F CDR Worebamber
51534 F LTJG Allen
51514 F LTJG Williams
51517 F LTJG Hester
51526 F LTJG Baroher
51528 F LTJG Baree
51529 LTJG Sep
51531 F LTJG  G.T. Stevens

  • Blood Chit Flag Day #Alphamission
  • Blood Chit Flag Day #Alphamission
  • Blood Chit Flag Day #Alphamission
  • Blood Chit Flag Day #Alphamission

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