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Ways to Wear: L-2B Dragonfly Blood Chit Flight Jacket
4/6/2016 8:00:00 AM
Spring's arrival means it's finally time to put down the parkas and pick up something lighter. Our L-2B Dragonfly Blood Chit Flight Jacket is a standout from our Lightweight Spring '16 Collection, and the perfect jacket for any outdoor adventure. Whether he's dressing it up or down, Instgrammer, stylist and Alpha fan Donnay Ragland successfully switches into spring without sacrificing style.

This past winter was not your typical "New York winter" in NYC. With temperatures ranging from 50-60 degrees on occasion, I wore one of my favorite Alpha Industries pieces, the Black MA-1 Slim-Fit Flight Jacket, instead of a huge winter coat. Now that spring is here, and the weather is slowly climbing, it is time to switch it up a bit. I turned to my new Alpha favorite, the L-2B Dragonfly Blood Chit Flight Jacket from the new Spring'16 Collection.

This jacket perfectly suits my spring needs! The vintage white base with olive sleeves is a definite eye catcher. It is a much lighter weight fit than the MA-1, and can be styled up for any occasion. Alpha Industries challenged me with 3 ways to style the L-2B Blood Chit Flight Jacket, and I was thrilled! The jacket is so versatile that I decided to do 3 main outfits, with an alternative look for each.

Look #1 - "White-out" - The all-white look coordinates nicely with the light colors of the jacket. This outfit is one you can wear on special occasions, such as a nice weekend brunch, a peaceful outdoor date, or even a casual outing with friends. If you're afraid to wear all white due to the possibility of getting it dirty, you can always substitute the pants for light denim jeans. 

Look #2 -
"Dapper" - This look is what I call the "Dapper" look. The green suede wingtip oxfords match perfectly with the jacket! In addition, the off-white pocket tee and distressed denim gives the overall look a casual appearance, however the hat is the finishing piece to make this a dapper look! Whenever the fedora hat comes out, you're in a "dressed to impress" state of mind. If you're a fan of monk strap shoes like me, the alternative look shows how you can substitute them for the loafers and still maintain a dapper look!

Look #3 - "Comfy" - This final look is the comfy street fit. This is the outfit you wear when traveling on a flight, running errands around the city, or just hanging with friends in a relaxed setting. You do not have to compromise your style when dressing comfortably. Here I did an olive long-tee, olive jogger-shorts, with sand-colored kicks to compliment the jacket. I recersed the jacket to add flavor to the overall fit! The alternative look is totally opposite from the monotone look. I did this to show the versatility of comfortable outfit choices.

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