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Visiting the Red Cross
By AlphaNews
6/9/2016 7:50:00 AM
Red Cross Alpha Visit

As part of our ongoing relationship with the Red Cross, National Capital Region, Mike Cirker, our CEO, and Michael McCartin, Alpha's Director of Global Military and Government Sales, visited their facility in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The Red Cross's presence at Ft. Belvoir started in the 1940s and their headquarters building itself has history. At the beginning of WWII there was a surge in the construction of Red Cross buildings at Army installations to help with morale-boosting and welfare. The current headquarters, Building No. 1161, was approved for construction in December 31, 1941 and completed a few months after. The Red Cross team actively started using it as their headquarters in May 1942 and it has been their home base ever since.

The Alpha team was there to meet with Nell Nutaitis and Chris Duffley from the Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) division to discuss ways to expand our partnership. The SAF program in the National Capital Region supports military personnel, veterans, and families on 14 separate military installations in the Washington, DC region, at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, and throughout the community. Last year Alpha donated more than 100 field coats and parkas to the organization for homeless veterans in the DC Metro area. The goal is to get involved in future projects such as the Homeless Vet Standown.

While on base they also took a tour of the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, the home of world-class military health care. The hospital serves active soldiers at Fort Belvoir as well as those who have been wounded while deployed and are now back in the States for treatment and rehabilitation. The Red Cross has presence in the hospital as well to support these servicemen and women in any way they need.

Fort Belvoir Community HospitalFrom left to right, Nell Nutaitis (Red Cross Partnership Officer), Mike McCartin (Director, Global Military Sales, Alpha Industries)
Hospitalman Jylian Packer USN, Chris Duffley (Red Cross Regional Director, Service to Armed Forces), Mike Cirker (Alpha Industries CEO)

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