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The L-2B vs. The MA-1
By AlphaNews
4/25/2016 7:41:00 AM

Ever wanted to wear your favorite MA-1 bomber, but the weather was just a tad too warm? Alpha has you covered! In addition to the classic MA-1 flight jacket, there is its lightweight version, the L-2B. Check out our comparison below, and find the bomber that meets your needs.

-Mid weight, meaning it is recommended for temperatures 25-40 degree Fahrenheit.
-The shell is a classic flight nylon, meaning it is shiny in appearance.
-Has a nylon lining and polyester fill, which give it its heavier weight.
-Standard fit.
-Dry clean only. 

-Lightweight, meaning it is recommended for temperatures 40 degree Fahrenheit and above. 
-The L-2B Scout and L-2B Dragonfly are both made of a matte flight nylon, while the L-2B CTN is made of 100% cotton twill slub.
-All L-2Bs have no fill, making them more lightweight and breathable than the classic MA-1.
-Standard fit.
-Machine washable in cold with like colors.

For even more lightweight options, check out the MA-1 Skymaster. It has all the traditional elements of the classic MA-1, without the heavier weight. 

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