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Started On Instagram, Now We're Here
By AlphaNews
1/18/2016 8:00:00 PM

The likes of Elle and Vogue have been abuzz the last few weeks over the jackets that gal pals Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were seen wearing while out and about in Los Angeles before the holidays. The jacket that fashion gurus are going nuts over…none other than our MA-1 Flight Jacket.

kendall, gigi, MA-1, bomber, flight jacket, kardashian

Kendall posted a picture of the BFFs sporitng matching bombers on her Instagram, and since then the MA-1 seems to be showing up on everyone's radar. The versatility of the MA-1 can be seen in the variety of articles written about the pair. An article for the Huffington Post is all about the affordability of the MA-1 bomber. At $135, it’s a much more wallet-friendly option for dressing like your favorite celeb than dropping thousands for a designer handbag.

kendall, gigi, MA-1, bomber, flight jacket, kardashian

Vogue.com showcased the sage green MA-1 seen on Gigi as a stylish and functional compliment to ski pants, another trend of the moment, while Vogue UK focused on the bomber jacket as a hot item all its own. Articles on both Elle.com and Perez Hilton love Kendall and Gigi’s matching outfits- both girls sport topknots, sunglasses, black YSL bags, and skinny workout pants with sneakers. Kendall’s MA-1 is a custom Yeezus jacket modeled after the ones that brother-in-law Kanye wore on tour, and Gigi’s is a classic sage green. Toofab.com’s article asks the question “Who wore it best? “ but we think Kendall and Gigi look equally fabulous.

Tags: kendall, jenner, gigi, kardashian, bomber, flight jacket
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