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Spring Style Must-Haves: The Burnett
4/2/2015 12:00:00 PM

April 2015: One of the best trends you can invest in is the military jacket. It’s casual, eye-catching, and can be worn over any summer outfit. The Burnett flight jacket, a lighter version of the original MA-1, is a great option for warmer weather. Plus it’s military-inspired durable and hyper functional, shielding the wearer from any sudden storm or gust of wind. Lightweight, water-resistant and available in a variety of colors, the Burnett is a must-have spring wardrobe piece that styles well with a wide array of fashion tastes.

Fashion blogger Anthony Urbano calls the Burnett the jacket of the season for all the right reasons. “It’s sporty, it’s classic and the variety of bright color options keeps it ultra current,” he raves. “I prefer mine on the sportier side with the double zipper so I can rock it cholo style, pero like, it’s T.I. so you can have whatever you like.”

Anthony Urbano Closet Freaks

For Talun Zeitoun, simplicity is key. “If you’re not going for a true military look, a long, neutral tee will open up the pants and shorts options,” he says. “Why? The jacket cinches above the hip while the tee falls below; so if you find that your jacket-to-bottom color transition is too harsh, let the tee break it up, jacket unzipped. The classic orange liner (which is actually prevalent in all MA-1 flight jackets since inception) is quite strong, even reflective against my tee; so I went for earthy tones with my pants, sporty shoes and backpack.”

Talun Zeitoun Flight Appeal

Mark St. James of Marquis Of Fashion even left the red Remove Before Flight tag attached to the zip pull because “it’s just that cool.” He paired the navy Burnett with a simple orange graphic tee and a pair of navy pants to keep the look uniform.

Mark St James Marquis of Fashion

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