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Six Ways to Appreciate Military Families
By AlphaNews
11/2/2015 4:19:00 PM
Military Family Appreciation Month

"During Military Family Month, we celebrate the exceptional service, strength, and sacrifice of our military families, whose commitment to our Nation goes above and beyond the call of duty." President Barack Obama spoke these words as part of this 2011 proclamation of November being Military Family Appreciation Month. Started by the U.S. Armed Services YMCA in 1996, the month has gone on to be nationally recognized as a way to support the families of our military personnel. From the spouse who during times of deployment is the sole parent, to the children who often have to move and start a new school every few years, their sacrifices are immense.  It is important we take time out to show our appreciation.

As we start this important month, which also includes Veterans Day, we wanted to share some ways you can honor military families.

1) Say Thanks 
Whether you do it privately in a note or more publicly on social media, send a message of thanks to the military family in your life to let them know you appreciate their sacrifices.

2) Leave a Care Package
Gather food, toys or anything else that might make each family member smile and leave it on their doorstep.

3) Volunteer to Babysit
Offer your time to watch the kids so that the parents can have a night out or the military spouse who is going solo can get some time to him/herself.

4) Help Out
Ask if you can help around the house by fixing things, cutting the grass or cleaning. Maybe there is an errand that you could run for them. Asking how you can help is always a good thing. 

5) Give 
Support organizations that provide services to military families. There are so many wonderful groups that are dedicated to their success and all could use additional resources.

6) Listen
Sometime lending an ear means the most. Whether it be to discuss their loved one or just talk about their day, these families can always use a friend.

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