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Singled Out
By AlphaNews
11/9/2016 10:17:00 PM

Each year on November 11th, China celebrates Singles' Day known as Guanggun Jie  (Guanggùn Jié; Wade–Giles: Kuang-kun chieh; literally: "bare sticks holiday"). It's a day to be proud and celebrate being single. The date was chosen because the ones symbolize an individual who is alone. The holiday has become one of the biggest shopping days internationally and has started to be adopted by other countries.

So how did this celebration of singlehood start? There are a few explanations but it is known to have started at Nanjing University in 1993 and recognized by several universities. It is said that four male students who lived in a dorm called "Mingcaowuzhu (All single men)" had spent many a night trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend and ultimately decided to celebrate being single and create a day for it. From there it started to grow in popularity and the students brought it to the larger society once they graduated.

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Singles Day

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