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Our Kind of Logic
By AlphaNews
1/19/2016 8:54:00 AM
We’re all about Logic. And if you’re a fan of hip hop you know we mean the American rapper/ singer, not the science of inference and reasoning. We have been keeping an eye on this superstar since we saw him wearing our NASA MA-1 bomber jacket in the trailer for his latest album, The Incredible True Story.

If you follow Logic on Instagram (@Logic301) like we do, you’ll see that he lives in our flight jackets, especially the NASA one. He is such a fan that we thought it would be dope to give him a proto of our Fall ’16 white NASA MA-1 jacket. Check out some of his ‘grams below.

  • Logic in Alpha Industries
  • Logic in Alpha Industries
  • Logic in Alpha Industries
  • Logic in Alpha Industries

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