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My #AlphaMission Exploration: Mountain Climbing in Cumbria
4/11/2016 8:58:00 AM
What started as a spontaneous visit from his brother became the adventure of a lifetime for photographer/developer Jason Kerner. Instead of staying in to play XBox all weekend, Jason's brother convinced him to climb the tallest mountain in Cumbria, UK - bringing along his trusty Alpha MA-1. Below Jason shares his moutain scaling story, a true #AlphaMission exploration.

It was all a bit random to be honest. On the Thursday evening before the weekend, my brother, who lives in down South, decided that he’d visit for the weekend. We racked our brains for a while, figuring out what we could do. Staying in playing Xbox can be done any day of the year, so that wasn’t an option. Eventually, the Lake District was suggested. As my brother had scaled mountains previously, he thought it’d be a good idea I had a go too.

On Sunday morning, when the weather in that region was much better than Saturday, we set off. We arrived two and half hours later, in the middle of Cumbria, with the tallest mountain in England waiting to be climbed. This was all new to me, I hadn’t really done this type of thing before. A couple of 10Km runs for charity in the few years previous was the most I had got up to in a "big" way. But my brother insisted we should aim for the top, and be back down again in time for dinner.

The conditions were perfect: not too hot, not too cold. There were quite a few people out that day, many taking what others called the ‘tourist’ route up the mountain, but we both decided to ascend using the steeper route, which offered more of a challenge. Loose rocks, scree, snow & ice, large boulders - my brother referring to it as “the surface of Mars” in some parts, but eventually we reached the top. Visibility was good up until the 850m mark where it dropped to about 50m. All in all, our total ascent time was around 2 hours 20 mins, covering a distance of 5.5km, with a vertical distance of over 900m (3000ft).

After a few celebratory photos at the top and a quick 10 minute rest break, we headed back down a different way, reaching the our starting point an hour and half later.

At the time, I questioned the enjoyness factor somewhat, but as we neared the top, and also after we had completed the trip, a sense of achievement definitely entered my mind.

Next time apparently we’re doing Snowdonia in Wales… only time will tell.

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