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My #AlphaMission Exploration: Minnnesota Dog Sledding
By AlphaNews
3/22/2016 12:53:00 AM
Stephanie, our ecommerce manager, took a very unique spring break trip this year. Below she shares her and her family’s dog-sledding adventure – a true #AlphaMission exploration.

When you think of Spring Break the places that typically come to mind are warm-weather destinations such as Daytona Beach, FL, or Cancun, Mexico. So when I told my co-workers at Alpha Industries that I was headed to Ely, Minnesota for my break, their first question to me was -- why? The answer was simple, to explore the sport of dog sledding. My retired parents had hit the trails before but for myself, my husband and eight-year-old daughter it was a totally new experience.

The day started out with a meet and greet with our canine guides. Then it was inside for a lesson on how to drive the sled; we covered everything from how to handle turns, to what to do if your sled tips over. Once we made sure we had the right cold-weather gear, which for my daughter and me included our Alpha N-3B Parkas, we headed to the trail. We loaded into the sleds as the dogs were harnessed up and off we went. The 10-mile ride was amazing and so much fun. Our dog sled teams were made up of mostly retired racing dogs, a few of which had run in the Iditarod. For these dogs, who have trained like athletes all of their lives, they aren't happy unless they run at least 25-miles a day.

Our first dog sledding adventure was a big success and one we'll always remember. A big thanks to the folks at Chilly Dogs for an awesome experience. Check out pics and a video from the day below. And don't forget, we want to see photos and hear stories about YOUR explorations. Share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #AlphaMission and #MyAlphaGear for a chance to be featured here on our blog and on our social channels.

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  • #AlphaMission Dog Sledding
Want to get a feel for what it's like to ride in one of these sleds? Watch this...

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