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My Alpha Story: Model & Student Aidan Williamson
4/28/2016 11:32:00 AM

Our feeds are always filled with fans that are rocking Alpha Industries in some pretty awesome ways. Aidan Williamson, who is a model and student at Brock University in Canada, rocked a unique piece that caught our eye. His story is a little different than most of the people we interview, but that is exactly why we loved speaking to him.

First Alpha: My first Alpha jacket was a MA-1 Flight Jacket. This jacket means a lot to me because it was given out to the cast members of the movie Apollo 18, which my father produced. I love how it is so limited and not that many people own it. The history behind it is pretty sweet too.

What do you love about Alpha: I love how it’s so versatile. I love being able to dress it up with a nice textured tie or dress it down with some sneakers and go out to take on the town.

Alpha Styling Tips: I always pair my NASA MA-1 Flight Jacket with some joggers, an extra long tee. I also love rocking it with some Nikes.


First words that come to mind when you hear Alpha Industries: Innovation to the industry. I love how they bring back timeless, classics. It’s like mixing old with new.


How do you feel when wearing Alpha: I feel like I stand out. I love wearing something that is unique. My Alpha jacket always stirs up a conversation.

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