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My Alpha Story: Model & Philanthropist Lauren Deckert
1/21/2016 8:00:00 AM

We love seeing Alpha fans share their #myalphagear photos, and it seems as if every time we log in, there's a new Alpha tagged photo from @laurendeckert

With her Alpha love apparent, showcased by many (many) 'grams, we decided to get to the story behind her passion for our brand. Known for her modeling career and major success with founding a philanthropy called Models Doing More, Lauren loves rocking Alpha Industries, no matter where in the world she is or what she's doing.

What I love about Alpha: The durability and quality.  No matter what, I travel around the world with my Alpha gear. I’ve had some of my favorite Alpha pieces for 10 or more years and they still look awesome.

First Alpha experience: My father, who served in the army, introduced me to Alpha. It was a N2B Parka in Cocoa. When I first put it on, I loved how warm it kept me, even on the coldest of days.  All of my other jackets I had owned did not do that.

My Alpha fave: FLIGHT JACKET! I have so many colors (olive, navy, etc.)  I love how they are reversible and how you can dress them up or dress them down. They go with any style I’m feeling for that day.


How I feel when rockin’ Alpha: I feel like I can’t be messed with. Once I put it on, no one can wreck me. It gives me major confidence. I feel so strong.

Accessorizing with Alpha: I always wear boots and a beanie. I always am rocking a cool beanie with my [MA-1] flight jacket.

Along for the ride: I always bring one or two jackets with me wherever I’m going, I’m either stylin’ in NYC with my Alpha or volunteering in Sri Lanka, getting down and dirty and helping people. It’s more of a personal experience with me when I’m wearing Alpha. With my foundation and modeling career, it fits for both major parts of my life. 

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