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Month of the Military Child Interview: Cole and Brady
By AlphaNews
4/28/2016 9:05:00 AM

The final interterview in our Month of the Military Child series is with Brady and Cole. Brady is seven years old, and he likes Legos and to go fishing with his dad. Cole is ten years old, and is a very good runner and plays soccer. He loves school and has many friends. Their dad has served two deployments as a member of the U.S. Navy reserves.

What is your favorite subject in school?  Why?
Brady: I like History because I like learning about the Revolutionary War.
Cole: "My favorite subject in school is Math because I get to learn about numbers and so I can learn about how to pay taxes and give tips."

Do you have any pets?/ What is your favorite animal?  
Brady: "Two hermit crabs."
Cole: "My favorite animal is a cheetah because they are cool to watch."

Do you know what you would like to do when you grow up? Why?
Brady: "I would like to be a Army soldier and drive a tank."
Cole: "I would like to be an architectural engineer because they do building and designing which I’m really good at."

What activities do you participate in?Month of the Military Child
Brady: "I play soccer and swim."
Cole: "I participate in soccer, running, and swimming. I also play the baritone."

How has participating in an activity helped you?
Brady: "It    teaches    me    new   things."
Cole: "It has helped me because it has shown me what it is like to try something new and that is why I like precipitating in activities." 

Do any of your friends have parents in the military?   
Brady: "Yes my friend Conrad his mom is in the ARMY."
Cole: "I have a friend dad who was in the British Army and another whose dad is in the United States Navy like my dad."

 What is your favorite thing to do with your dad when he is home?
Brady: "My favorite this is to play soccer or baseball outside with him."
Cole: "Play soccer with him at my brother's practice."

What do you miss most about your dad when he is deployed?
Brady:  "All of the awesome pictures he makes."    
Cole:  "His funny sense of humor and his warm hugs."      

What is the best thing about having a parent in the military?    
Brady: "That he gets to save the world."
Cole: "The best thing about having a parent in the military is that he is helping our country be safe."

What is your favorite thing about visiting the Naval Base?
Brady: "Seeing my dad."
Cole: "I get to see the ships and if my dad stayed there, seeing where my dad stayed."                                       

What is it like having a parent in the military?   
Brady:  "It is hard having a dad in another country."
Cole: "It is kind of hard because it puts more work on us, but it is fun because when my dad comes home he is always so strong and he is able to throw me on the couches."

What would you like other people to know about being part of a military family?
Brady:  "The NAVY is trying to keep us safe."
Cole: "The thing that I would tell people about being a part of a military family is that it is very fun and awesome having a mom and or dad in the NAVY because there are serving our country for a purpose, to keep us safe."

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child, recognizing the unique sacrifice that military children and families make when a parent is a member of the Armed Forces. In honor of the Month of the Military Child, Alpha is proud to feature a series of interviews with military children from various branches of the  Armed Forces. This was made possible through Our Military Kids, an organization that sponsors grants for the children of military personal and wounded veterans. Stay tuned for more interviews throughout the month of April!

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