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Lighten Up
By AlphaNews
3/2/2015 9:49:00 AM
March 2015:

It's March and that means the warmer weather is just around the corner (hopefully!). As the temperatures rise it will be time to pack away the parka and start sporting lighter outerwear.

For our Spring 2015 Collection we will be introducing new jackets and colors, as well as bringing back some of your favorites. The new flight jackets are all variations of the classic L-2B. Alpha started making these lightweight flight jackets for the U.S. military in 1960 and continued to produce them for the next thirty years. The jackets were designed for U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots who were serving in light-temperature zones. For the spring collection we took the iconic L-2B silhouette and designed variations with cotton, lightweight flight nylon and doubleweave shells. Doubleweave is our new lightweight performance fabric that is both water and wind resistant. An N-3B in this fabric will also be part of the collection. The returning flight jackets include the Burnett, Richardson and Refueler bombers. The new colors include Buffalo Brown for the McMillian Field Coat and Midnight Blue for the L2B Skyray.

Our Spring 2015 Collection was inspired by the "cowboy fighter pilot," the guy who knows how to work hard and play hard too. It weaves in elements of Americana while combining western and military influences. Take a look at the new jackets below; they go on sale starting March 9.

  • L-2B Annex Flight Jacket
  • L-2B Skyray Flight Jacket
  • L-2B Cotton Flight Jacket
  • McMillian Field Coat in Buffalo Brown
  • N-3B Doubleweave Parka

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