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Land, air or sea…. which would your dad be?
By AlphaNews
6/9/2015 10:02:00 AM
Father's Day Gift Guide Manual

Hello soldier! To prepare yourself for your mission we recommend reading through our gear manual, "Reconnaissance of Father’s Day Alpha Gear." Familiarize yourself with the options and use the intelligence to decide how to proceed. Land, air or sea, it's up to you to deliver the perfect gift for the dad in your life.

For "Airmen"…

Is the dad in your life a daredevil who loves to take to the air? Has he tried skydiving or parasailing? Maybe he loves to fly or is a pilot himself. Does he love anything outer space and secretly dreams of being an astronaut? If so here’s the gear to consider.

L-2B Cotton Flight Jacket
G-1 Leather Jacket
NASA MA-1 Flight Jacket

For "Land Dwellers" …
Is the dad in your life someone who prefers to have both feet on the ground? Does he take to the pavement for a run or spin on his bike? Or does he like to take on 18-holes in a round of golf? Maybe he prefers to hit the slopes. If so here’s the gear to consider.

slim fit m-65 field coat, field jacket
L-2B Skyray Flight Jacket
Slim Fit N-3B Parka
Slim Fit N-3B

For "Seafarers"...
Is the dad in your life best with his sea legs? Is he happiest when on a boat exploring the waters or doing some fishing? Would he rather be riding the waves on his board or skis? Is a pool his preferred place? Or does he simply like to run and play with the kids in the rain and jump in a few puddles. If so here’s the gear to consider.

Men's pea coat, ahoy navy pea coat
Solomon Field Coat, Field Jacket
N-3B Doubleweave Parka
 N-3B Doubleweave Parka

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