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Is Your Dad an Alpha Dad?
By AlphaNews
6/8/2016 9:20:00 AM

With Father's Day fast approaching, let Alpha help you find a gift for even the hardest to shop for guy in your life. Whether your dad spends his days in a suit or lives in jeans, we've got you covered with jackets to fit every style. 

Comfort & Function
Does your dad stick to the basics when it comes to his wardrobe? Does he like clothing that's functional, comfortable, and easy to wear? Does he avoid shopping like the plague, and looks for items that will last him years to come? If this sounds familiar, check out these staple pieces below-

Fleece Liner
MA-1 Flight Jacket
A-2 Leather Jacket
A-2 Leather Jacket

History and Authenticity
Is your dad a history buff, with an interest in the military? Have you ever had family vacations planned around visiting local historical sites? Does your dad spend his evenings watching old war movies? Or maybe he is a military member himself? For the dad that appreciates quality with authentic military details, check out the options below-

M-65 Field Coat
G-1 Leather Jacket
MA-1 Blood Chit
MA-1 Blood Chit

Style and Detail
Does your dad keep up with trends? Does he appreciate detail in his clothing, and is never content to wear the same boring old thing? Does he like versatile pieces that can be mixed and matches, but still make a statement? Then check out these on-trend pieces below-

M-65 Caiman
Helo Utility Bomber
Apollo MA-1 Flight Jacket
Apollo MA-1
Our Father's Day Sale starts this Friday- be sure to sign up for our email list to receive a promo code for 15% off + free shipping!

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