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Happy Halloween
By AlphaNews
10/31/2016 4:07:00 AM
halloween MA-1 Flight Jacket

This fall is all about customization and making your wardrobe your own. What better time to show your personality than Halloween?! Whether you dress up in a super-creative costume, or just wear something a bit out of your comfort zone, Halloween is all about cusotmizing your look. To celebrate in the Alpha office, we patched up our MA-1 Flex Flight Jacket with some spooky patches. Our MA-1 Flex has four areas of hook-and-loop material, makng it easy add and move patches for a totally different look each time you wear it. Don't have the MA-1 Flex? The Brewer Helmet Bag is another great option to add some personality to your look.

Check out the links below to recreate this jacket, or get creative and find some patches of your own. Patches aren't the only way to customize your jacket- screen printing, embroidery, and pins are some of the other ways to make your Alpha jacket your own.

Patches for the Alpha Halloween MA-1 Flex:

Skeleton Head Patch

Be sure to share your patched up bombers and bags on our social channels with #AlphaMission so we can see what you create!

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