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Happy 57th Alpha Industries
By AlphaNews
10/17/2016 4:27:00 AM
Alpha Industries 57th birthday

Today marks the 57th anniversary of the day our founder, Samuel Gelber, incorporated his new company whose mission was to outfit the brave servicemen of the U.S. Armed Forces. Alpha Industries quickly took on subcontracting work making the MA-1 Flight Jacket and by Dec 1959 we had our first official Department of Defense contract. The rest they say is history, but we have come a long way in these almost 60 years. Today Alpha still holds true to its mission of outfitting bravery in all forms, whether it the soldier on the battlefield or the everyday guy and gal in the city, we want to inspire the heroism in all of us.

In honor of our 57th year we joined together with the popular lifestyle site Hypebeast to tell the story behind the classic silhouettes we made for the military for so many years. From the N-2B and N-3B Parkas of the Air Force to the M-65 Field Coat of the Army, these jackets have a rich history and Alpha is proud to have been a leading supplier of them to the Department of Defense.

To celebrate our birthday we are offering everyone who makes a purchase today a limited-edition birthday patch. It's the perfect addition to an MA-1 Flex Flight Jacket or a Brewer Helmet Bag.

57th birthday patch

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