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Happy 55th Alpha Industries
By AlphaNews
10/6/2014 2:13:00 PM
October 2014:
For Alpha, 2014 marks our 55th year of operation. We will officially celebrate our anniversary on October 17, the day our founder, Samuel Gelber, signed the incorporation paperwork in Knoxville, TN. You can learn more about our history by checking out the Alpha Industries company timeline.

From our founding in 1959, to present day, Alpha has evolved from exclusively supplying military contracts and the US Department of Defense with our classic outerwear products, to becoming the global authority on military-inspired fashion. To celebrate this special milestone we created a limited-edition capsule of 55th anniversary jackets, including a B-15 flight jacket, N-3B parka, and a G-1 leather bomber, along with a special Alpha challenge coin. Each jacket has the special 55th anniversary patch and is numbered to show where it falls in the production run. Take a look.

  • Alpha Industries 55th Anniversary Patch
  • Alpha Industries g-1 55th anniversary leather jacket
  • Alpha Industries g-1 55th anniversary leather bomber
  • Alpha Industries B-15 Flight Jacket
  • Alpha Industries N-3B Parka
  • Alpha Industries N-3B Parka
  • Alpha Industries Challenge Coin

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