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GI Joe x Alpha
By AlphaNews
7/17/2017 9:41:00 AM

  • Hasbro x Alpha x Bait GI Joe Bomber
  • Hasbro x Alpha x Bait GI Joe Bomber lining
  • Duke GI Joe Collectible

Just in time for ComicCon, Alpha has partnered with Bait and Hasbro to launch a limited-edition G.I. Joe capsule collection.  The collection includes a  special G.I. Joe L-2B bomber jacket and a collectible Duke action figure wearing a mini version of the jacket. The collection launches later this week at San Diego's ComicCon and will be available for a  limited time at Bait and AlphaIndustries.com.  Sign up for the Alpha email list to stay in the loop on new product releases!

Tags: Bait, Hasbro, GI Joe, action figure
Categories: Military History, Pop Culture
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