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Fear the Bunny
By AlphaNews
3/3/2016 10:16:00 PM
Today marks the official launch of the Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket. The patched-up bomber was done in partnership with the Warrior Flight Team and Playboy Enterprises. The profits of the jacket sales all benefit the work of the Warrior Flight Team.

The Warrior Flight Team is a team of aviation enthusiasts and business leaders who work hard to create opportunities for wounded warriors and their families to realize and follow their dreams. This is done by granting scholarships to these veterans to pursue aviation and other career opportunities. The team also performs air shows and does flyovers at fallen soldiers's funnerals. They currently fly an L-39 called the Vandy-1. The L-39 was developed in the 1960s and began mass production in 1972. The Bunny design on the tail of aircraft pays tribute to the U.S. Navy’s Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons (VX-4, VX-5 and VX-9) and its use of of the design on the black F-4 Phantom II in 1969. Playboy Enterprises shared their official logo with the squadron as a sign of support. It has come to represent the tradition and spirit of Naval aviation.

The unisex jacket is currently available at the PlayboyShop and AlphaIndustries.com. Check out pictures of the limited-edition MA-1 and Playboy Playmate Rachel Harris showing off the flight jacket. Rachel is the face of the new Playboy military collection. 

  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Vandy MA-1 Flight Jacket

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