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Fall Winter 2017 Drop 3
By AlphaNews
9/21/2017 3:11:00 PM

Alpha Industries FW17 Drop 3 is here! With fall in full swing and winter on the way, it’s only going to get colder from here on out. So, it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the typical inclement weather. This drop includes the pieces you’ll need to stay stylish and cozy through the next couple months.

One key piece of the drop is the N-2B Barricade CTN parka - based off of N-2B parka which Alpha Industries has been manufacturing for our Air Force and ground crews since 1963. It’s made with a heavy vintage garment-washed cotton which adds durability and personality. The poli-satin lining adds the insulation needed to stay warm in the frigid winter winds. Also be sure to note the split hood that unzips to lay flat. An essential piece in a stylish winter closet.

Another highlight is the N-3B Echo Elite parka. Made from a water-resistant ultra-soft nylon shell and lining, it will keep you comfortable and warm all season long. Take note of Dupont Serona fill which provides down-like protection from the blistering temperatures. The jacket is also made with a genuine fur hood that adds a more luxurious dynamic while also helping to insulate. Let this parka lead the charge for your winter wardrobe.

Be sure to check the rest of Drop 3 out here!

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