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Fair Winds, Following Seas Mr. Hefner
By AlphaNews
9/28/2017 7:39:00 AM

 Hugh Hefner Playboy © Glenn Francis

Yesterday Playboy Enterprises founder Hugh Hefner passed away. He started the publication in 1953 and grew the magazine into a worldwide title. While controversial at times, one constant was Playboy's support of the U.S. Armed Forces. Whether it was supporting the USO or sending the Bunnies overseas to entertain our troops, Mr. Hefner and Playboy Enterprises felt an allegiance to our servicemen.

In addition to supporting the USO, Playboy allowed the U.S. Navy’s Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons (VX-4, VX-5 and VX-9) to use its trademarked bunny logo as their unofficial mascot. The bunny was used on the tail of their black F-4 Phantom II jets. Sharing their official logo was another way to show their support and it has come to represent the tradition and spirit of Naval aviation.
So thanks Playboy for backing our men and women in uniform and Fair Winds and Following Seas Mr. Hefner.

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