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A Few Good Men
By Alpha News
3/24/2017 8:20:00 PM
The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be given to an individual serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. In 1990 Congress designated March 25 as “National Medal of Honor Day.” This date was chosen because it was the date in 1863 that the very first Medals of Honor were awarded to six members of Andrew’s Raiders. Learn more about this prestigious medal in our National Medal of Honor Day post from last year.

At the end of 2016 members of the Alpha team were lucky enough to attend the Military Bowl. Part of the day included a reception for several Medal of Honor recipients. Each one shared their inspirational story of bravery in the face of the enemy. The stories included guys who were in Vietnam and put their lives on the line to ensure their squadron was safely evacuated to guys who were involved in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan including the rescue of American hostages. Another was brave enough to run into enemy territory to lob a grenade. All agreed that they were simply doing their duty for their love of country and their fellow servicemen, and, that there are thousands of acts of heroism that happen each day among our U.S. Armed Forces. The group was also recognized during the game itself.

What struck us about these heroes was their strong passion for the U.S. and service. They were also very humble about what they had done and felt that it was just part of the job. They all indicated that looking back they would make the same sacrifice again. Their stories made an impact on us and made us all rethink our challenges and how trivial they seemed compared to what each of these Medal of Honor recipents had been up against. 

So on this day, we encourage all to learn more about this high military honor and think about the bravery and dedication these servicemen showed for the love of country and their fellow man. Check out this site for more ways you can recognize National Medal of Honor Day, and take a look at our Instagram page to learn about three Medal of Honor recipients.

  • Military Bowl Medal of Honor recipients
  • Military Bowl Medal of Honor recipients
  • Military Bowl Medal of Honor recipients
  • Military Bowl Medal of Honor recipients
  • Military Bowl Medal of Honor recipients

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